Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Banjir in Shah Alam

Bandar Shah Alam was flooded on Sunday due to a heavy early morning downpour at abt 4am. One of the surprises in recent days apart from the price hike. Pity those guys living especially in bt jelutong area, including my friend poke who just got back from haj.

Another demonstration of what power Allah swt can unleash to us the mere mortals. And, its quite sad to note some of the residents there got their motor vehicles damaged since the water rose to on average about chest deep.

Alhamdulillah, the rest of us in Selangor were spared the wrath. But, Ina & me were heading towards shah alam that day. When we reached bt 3 toll, all traffic were making a u-turn at the divider. So, we follow suit. I tried checking the radio stations but no broadcast on the news whatsoever.

I can understand that we are powerless to avert such disaster but at least the public should be well & adequately informed. Plus didn't bother to put up any signs that banjir is the cause. The radios were not requested to broadcast timely information on status updates.

At least, those intending to come to shah alam can be adviced to pick another day. Thats 2 hours of my precious time being wasted on the road, man. When will we ever learn. Do you need somebody to die to grab attention.

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