Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another hike in fuel price

Harga minyak naik lagi!! The nation suddenly woke up this morning realising that petrol price increases yet again. It was rm1.62 per litre yesterday, today its rm1.92. rm0.30 hike or 18.5% up. Whoa!!

Isi minyak moto pun harini pun needed RM8 to fill the tank instead of my normal rm7. And, its not totally empty yet. I am amazed at the level of quietness that the govt has invoked the hike. It totally caught me by surprise. A lot of people was expecting the effect date to be 1/3/06, hmm,hmm..

Even diesel is priced at about rm1.50!! But i guess that is ok since it will alleviate the differential price vs thai especially to combat fuel pirates.

But what can we the mere mortal do to sustain ever increasing living cost. Migrate to solar. Yeah, right??

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