Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Looking for something

A poor man was sitting in his house & suddenly realised that he lost his money. He wanted to look for it but his house is without any electrical supply. He decides to search nevertheless but began looking under a street light just around the corner.

A passer-by noticed him bending around in his attempt. "What are you looking for?", he asked. "I'm looking for my money", the poor man answered. The good samaritan decides to help the poor man in his search. Soon, several other people stopped by & also helped to look around for the money under the street light.

Suddenly one of the helpers asked,"Where exactly have you lost your money?". "Inside my house!", the poor man answered calmly. "What! Why don't you just look for the money there!!", all the helpers exclaimed.

"You must be joking. How do you expect to find anything there, there is no light in my house."

The moral of the story:
Some of us realised that we have lost something. We have the urge to look for it but decided to look for it only in places we find it to our convenience. Ulama says until qiyama we will not be finding it. It is important to look at the right place even though it may demand more efforts.

- Bayan at Sri Petaling, Saturday 11 Feb 2006

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