Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mcoba's Talk - Dato Saifuddin Abdullah

Dato Saifuddin Abdullah Deputy Minister of Higher Education gave a talk at Mcoba's Penthouse on Friday 5pm on the premise of promoting his new book. I can't recall the name of the book but something to do with politics.

He is affectionately known as SAAB to us budak koleq. He was form 5 in 1978 when I was Form 2 in Mckk & he stayed on till form 6 to became the head boy in 1980.

His speech or promo was pretty short but the attending oldboys took the opportunity by turning it into a q&a session hoping to have a glimpse of his inner minds since he is now in the corridors of power. The discussion that followed was quite lively & the session had to be stopped upon maghrib azan.

Saab wishes to perpetuate himself as the reluctant politician & would rather like to portray himself more as a youth leader cum social activist. His foray into politics was prompted after realising that his present platform in youth movement has its limitations in doing what he wants to achieve.

He likes to advocate the politics of participation rather than politics of fear. He strongly believes that thus far, the govt has greatly involves the corporate sector on driving the nation but has yet to intensely include the NGOs in its nationbuilding policies. This is where he believes he can help provide the bridge for the govt.

I don't really quite follow the details of his thoughts partly because politics are not exactly my bread & butter.

The followings are excerpts from discussions:
- on a question on how to ensure umno's survival in the next election, Saab beleives that it does not depend on umno membership drive but on umno's intimacy with registered voters. He believes that all political parties must do this.
- he cautions that other parties like Mca & Dap are very serious in ensuring their young ones register as voters. We must be vigilant so as not to be majority in citizenship but marginalized at the electorate.
- there is no loyalty amongst young voters. Gone are the days of ideological loyalty. Nowadays people vote whom they think can perform, which is good.

Saab also likes to portray himself as not the run of the mill Umno & MT member. He likes to encourage critic and this doesnt seem to put him in favor amongst other party members.

There are other discussion points but let's put things at rest. I have yet to remember I wrote anything serious on this blog.

Its too bad I didn't pose any question cause I can't think of one. But after some time there is one question that I like to pose to him.

At the end of the day Saab will see Umno & his position in Govt as the means to champion his cause. One thing I like to know is what is his cause. I can't seem to deduce anything from the session. And, has his presence in Umno helped to further his cause.

And, what happens if he feels umno can't fulfils his aim, will he go back to his social activities or will he join another political band. Hmmmm....

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