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3-day excursion SSI - Old Klang Road

The Quaint Surau
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20,21,22 May '06 - Its that part of the month again when the Karkuns of SSI will troop off to another destination. This time we have been assigned routes in the area od Old Klang Road.

This time Jemaah SSI is led by Haji Hisham Jabir al-besuti with the rest of them being as follows: Dr Zulkarnain, Ahmad Al-Hadi, Saleh, Hj Hasan, Hj Lazim, Jasrim, Izudin, Azmi(TKP), Shazali(TKP), Hj Anuar & Athla.

Jemaah 3h Tmn Medan Pejasa

1. The Fever is here, 2. Surau Islah Tmn Medan Pejasa, 3. The Boys can really eat..., 4. Boys will be boys, 5. Mesyuarah, 6. Please donate, 7. Surau Islah, 8. Surau Islah, 9. Surau Islah, 10. Ceiling, 11. Kolah Wuduk, 12. Masjid Abdul Rahman Auf, 13. Masjid Abdul Rahman Auf-Interior

The first day, Jasrim & I were assigned taam(cooking) duties. We decided to just buy ready-cooked food. The only thing that we cooked was rice. Lunch was served at about 3pm. And, we had to spend some more time after asr buying groceries for dinner. The menu on dinner is meat in turmeric curry liced with hot green chillies (just writing this makes my mouth water, yum yum) aka "daging masak lomak cili api".

I was assigned as chief cook. The curry turn out well although we struggled a bit to make sure the meat is cooked till its tender. So, not much of dakwah duties for me in the first day. Haji Hassan, after a break of 10 months is back in the 3-day excursion and excited to get back on track. He is in his recognisable jovial self, a delightful individual to have as a member of any jamaat.

The second day, after signing off our khidmat duties right after breakfast, I am back in the thick of daawah action where Hisham has engaged me in a series of ziarah(visit) duties. Haji Man, one of the local brothers have brought me to meet up Hj Derma Dewa, an elderly man (abt 60 yo) who is now strickened with kidney failure and had to undergo dialysis treatment at least 3times a week. He used to be active in the local daawah efforts but has been a bit slow for the last 10 years or so due to the ailment.

Its just a friendly visit without any hardcore daawah since he's a veteran member of Surau Islah. We were warmly welcomed and for the first time we were treated to a lunch at his house at about 12noon (Normally, host would oblige the casual drink of tea with some cookies or most, fried mee). There's always a first time for everything.

Haji Derma proved to be very helpful in bringing us around to meet other brothers in the locality despite his setback. On the 3rd day, I was again engaged to Hj Derma together with Hj Lazim to make ziarah to ocal brothers. We met Borhan who used to study in a Madrasa in Penanti but never did complete his studies. He is now working wth the local bus company, RapidKL. We spent some time with him to explain the importance of him to make time for Deen.

The time spent at Surau Islah was made sweeter with the active involvement of its local brothers like Haji Man(Telekom Malaysia), Nasir, Hj Derma, Fendi, Haznan, Hj Suhairi. We also met Hj Mustafa who is related to Haji Razak, the imam of Surau tmn sri kantan in kajang.

I also met Saifuzzaman (Buzz) who lives in one of the condos in Sri Sentosa on Sunday night and encouraged him to spend more time with the local brothers. Pak Syed, an brother active in daawah efforts in Buzz's local surau (Nurul Iman) whom i later met, reminded me to encourage Buzz to be in touch with the local brothers.

On the last day (Monday) we departed from Surau Islah quite early, right after magrib prayers because there will be religous class held in the surau and all our activities like bayan would have finished by then.

It rained heavily as we left Old Klang Road with an equally heavy heart. Karkuzari & Bayan wapsi was conducted by Arif Hanifa right after isya in Surau Saujana Impian.

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